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The 6th of July

Hello my wonderful blogowers! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend filled with hot dogs and sparklers and fun! I know we did!

Now, as you know, I'm an old dog. It's ok, it's ok -- I can admit it. As an old dog I don't recover quite as quickly from partying as I used to. Back in my prime, I would stay out until at least 3 or 4 with Doree barking and running around. We could have several events in one weekend, and I'd be the life of the party at them all! Now I'm lucky if I'm awake for the party...

Not that I'm complaining -- sleeping is really, really awesome. In fact, I'll probably do some sleeping as soon as I finish this blog post. I sure need it. This weekend had so much family, food and fun in it, I will most likely only be vertical while eating and drinking for the next few days. It was well worth it though, I got so many attentions and dropped food bits! I saw family members I haven't been petted by in years! They all told me how soft and good I am, and I licked their hands! We all had a good time!

Since I'm so smart and good, I'm not afraid of the colorful explosions you humans are so fond of. "Fire works" I believe you call them. I don't understand this tradition: you all sit outside in the heat and the bugs to watch controlled lightning make very loud noises. But hey, whatever pleases your boat (that's the expression, right?). Doree, however, is not very fond of these "fire works", and got to lay inside on top of all those blankets yet again (see my last post on thunderstorms). I really need to start pretending I'm not as awesome as I am...

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