Fruit damage this winter and spring:

As if you did have enough to worry about with social distancing and quarantine, let me add the recent realization that our peaches were frozen out this winter and our apples experienced frost damage in early May.  We have been checking our own fruit set as well as checking with friends elsewhere in the Midwest concerning their own frost damage and have concluded that this could be a lean year for fresh fruit.  We believe we will have between 10% and 20% of our normal crop; some north of here and in Michigan have total apple crop loss.  We will do our best to supply quality fruit from contacts we trust around the Midwest, so stay tuned!  As we have seen stated ad nauseum lately, we are all in this together - we will do our best for you.


Wedding and event information in light of COVID-19:

We will make all possible efforts to reduce risk to our guests and employees. Based on currently available information, this virus has very limited survivability outside the human body.  This gives us added safety since we have multiple days between events. Still, throughout the 2020 season we will make extra efforts to clean public surfaces between each event.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have additional questions or concerns.  We will continuously monitor this facebook site and our email address at  In the interim, as should be done every day anyway, wash regularly and do not touch doorknobs directly with your hands.

We continue to offer our jarred items, honey and cider throughout the winter even though we don't aren't officially open.  Just call us and we can makes sure you have access to the same items that have made your summer and fall so delicious!

It looks like our winter is basically over, at least the subzero temperatures. We have almost completed our peach and apple tree pruning, and it still looks like we will have peaches this year!


We will open at our Sunflower Festival, July 24th, 2020.

Vendor Forms Below. There is a food vendor and vendor form. Please make sure you download the correct one. Please download and either email the form to or mail a copy to


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