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Lavender Bee Company


Tim Kirkham and his family are bringing something truly unique to Wea Creek Orchard! Keep reading below to learn more!


Coming Soon!

As you take a walk or
wagon ride through the orchard you will notice a new look at the bee site. Lavender Bee Company is adding more hives and sprucing up the area. We are in the process of planting now and will have our delicious honey and other products available in 2024!


All the honey is home grown and will be processed by our family. The honey bottles will  have a new look, but it will have the same honey customers have come to love at Wea Creek Orchard. The first honey processed will be from the peach and apple trees which will provide undertones of the peaches and apples. The second flavor processed will be enhanced with lavender nectar from the lavender!


Tim Kirkham and Preston Kirkham will be overseeing the day-to-day process/care
of the honeybees. We have a new appreciation for what the honeybees do for
our environment and we look forward to sharing that information more with you at Wea Creek Orchard!

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