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Here at Wea Creek Orchard, we enjoy a lot of things, such as apple cider, bonfires, and perhaps most importantly, dogs. We love our four-legged family members and are glad so many of you do too. They might be a little dirty, but what's a little mud amongst friends?

Biscuit the Dog

Biscuit was the first family dog. She died at 15 years old in February of 2021.  She was a beage/hound dog mix, who the Kirkhams rescued when she was only four months old. In her younger years, Biscuit was always joining people on the tractor rides. In fact, if you said the word "Go", she would immediately run toward the wagon.  She used to keep a blog titled "Musings of a Happy Dog" that was retired when we lost her.  We may resurrect portions of it, especially the "literary debates" she used to have with Doree.  Dogs are wonderful, loyal, and often among the best part of our lives.  Value them.

Doree the Dog

Doree is the Kirkham's middle dog. The Kirkhams adopted Doree when she was two from a family that couldn't keep her due to health reasons. She is great with kids and loves affection, especially belly rubs! If you tell Doree to "collapse" she will fall onto her back for you to pet her! Unfortunately, Doree is not always fond of dogs she does not know, so please keep your pet leashed at Wea Creek Orchard!

Sam the Dog

Samwise Gamgee (Sam for short) is the Kirkhams youngest dog. Sam's mother was found in a puppy mill covered in kerosene while pregnant with Sam's litter. The Kirkhams adopted him a few months after his birth. Sam loves to accompany guests out to the orchard and pumpkin patches and is always ready for a ride on the wagon!

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