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  • What buildings may I use for my wedding? How many people do they hold?
    We only utilize the white barn and the pavilion for events. The white barn will seat up to 100 in theater-style seating upstairs for weddings with the reception tables pushed to the sides of the barn for our rain option. For receptions on the main floor, the barn holds up to 130 people at our rectangular tables leaving a 16 x 16 square foot area for a dance floor. If you are comfortable with breaking down tables before dancing you can get closer to 140. The pavilion is 30' x 56' and will hold up to 160 at our rectangular tables. Some couples set up tents outside to seat additional guests for the dinner portion of the evening and use the barn for the bar and dancing.
  • What is required to reserve a wedding?
    We can place up to a 48 hour hold on a date with no money down once you have attended a site visit. If another couple were to reach out and be willing to place their deposit down and signed contract then you would have until the end of that designated 48 hour period to send in your contract and non-refundable deposit or your date would be released for someone else to reserve. In order to officially reserve a date, an email needs to be sent to stating the date and year you’d like to reserve. You will then need to send in an $800 non-refundable deposit and the fully signed Wea Creek Orchard contract to the address listed on the front of the contract.
  • How many weddings do you book per weekend?
    We only allow one wedding per weekend to allow adequate time for set up and tear down. Tear down must be completed by noon the day following the wedding. All couples gain access to the reception barn at 8:00 AM the Friday before their wedding.
  • What does Wea Creek Orchard provide?
    We have 200 padded, white chairs and 27, 8 ft rectangular white tables for your wedding day. You will need to provide your own tablecloths. The tables are rectangular and 30" wide x 8' long x 30" high. - We provide trashcans with liners. We ask that you clean everything up before you leave, leaving all trash in the bags. We will carry the trash bags off. The property and the barns should be left in the state you found them by noon on Sunday. The $800 damage deposit will be refunded within four weeks after the wedding, assuming the property is returned to its original state. Please note that we do not allow confetti of any kind as this becomes impossible to clean from the old, wooden floors and the grassy areas outside
  • What is required of outside caterers?
    Outside caterers are welcome. Should you provide your own food, you are liable for any health issues. We can make recommendations for caterers with whom we have worked with successfully in the past.
  • How much parking is available?
    - Our parking lot will accommodate up to 120 cars. Overflow parking on grass is available in three additional lots allowing for 200 cars total. All parking is to be in the lot and overflow areas. To protect the beauty of the property, no parking is allowed at the top of the hill or around the barns unless dropping off an item for the wedding. No cars are allowed up near the barn beginning 1 hour before the ceremony begins to allow our tractors and wagons adequate space.
  • Can I purchase Wea Creek Orchard produce for my wedding or event?
    Many couples have utilized Wea Creek Orchard produce in a unique way to tie in with their wedding themes. Each case is priced on a specific basis and must be in season. Depending on the time of year for the wedding, we will also have fresh cider and local honey.
  • Is Wea Creek Orchard accessible for handicapped persons?
    Entrance to the white barn is handicapped accessible. We provide wagon rides from the parking lot to the barn or other venue sites for all guests and will return them to the reception area. We have two handicapped accessible restrooms available in the white barn. The bridal room in an adjacent barn is not handicapped accessible.
  • How late may guests stay at Wea Creek Orchard?
    All receptions must end at 11 PM at the latest. All people must be gone by midnight.
  • Are there outlets available in the barns?
    There are eight 20 amp circuits available for use in the barn and six 20 amp circuits outside in the pavilion. Please contact the management in advance if you plan to use any cycling appliances such as coffee makers or crock pots.
  • Is smoking permitted?
    We are very protective of the natural beauty around us. As such, Wea Creek Orchard is a smoke- and tobacco-free environment. A limited smoking area is designated outside of the barn. Smoking in or close to the barn will result in immediate termination of the event.
  • Helpful Information
    Liability & Property Damage Insurance: We require a minimum of $500,000 coverage. Temporary Beer & Wine Permit: We only allow beer and wine. All alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender. We will also need copies of the licensed bartenders no later than 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. Campfires are only available when permitted by the county. The fire pit is located between the two barns.
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