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Field Trip Information


Wea Creek Orchard offers a variety of things to learn about:

  • Apples and Apple Trees

  • Pumpkins

  • Seeds

  • Bees and Honey

  • Peaches

  • Nectarines

  • Osage Oranges/Hedgeapples

  • Tractors

  • Dogs

  • And More!


We have picnic tables for lunches or snacks, and three unisex bathrooms on site.


If the weather is bad, we will need to reshedule!


Cost is $5.00 per student with a minimum of $125 per visit.


If you are interested in bringing your class or group to our farm, please contact us for more information!


Have your next Organization or School field trip at Wea Creek Orchard!


The folks at Wea Creek Orchard enjoy having fun with friends and family, but we also value education. We began organizing field trips for local schools in 2012 in order to share our knowledge of apple trees, pumpkins, honey bees and more!


Depending on how many children are visiting, students should be divided into up to five groups (about 25 students in each group) with at least one adult chaperone for each group. On a rotating schedule, groups will participate in:


  • Apple Tasting & Story – Sweet, tart, soft & crunchy, apples come in many varieties with different tastes, textures and colors! The story will provide information about apples or pumpkins, depending on the time of year.


  • Wagon Rides – Take a tour around the property to see the orchard, pumpkin patches and bee hives!


  • Seeds Lesson – We have many different seeds in our Orchard and on our farm. This lesson explores a variety of seeds and discusses the development of seeds into plants! (May not be available for small groups.)


  • Games - A chance to run, jump, and wiggle all with an Orchard theme


  • Free Play – Supervised by school personnel.



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