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It Begins...

Well, Blogowers, it has begun… the dreaded Winter, complete with evil Frost. I’m going to be honest with you, I’m scared of how bad this Winter is going to get. Last year was really bad and it looks like this year is going to follow suit. I’ve been staying indoors for the most part, besides a few quick trips outside (a girl’s gotta pee), but I don’t know if I can be in denial all Winter long! Winter lasts until Summer and that’s very far away.


I stuck my head out this morning when Perry and Lisa left and saw snow on the ground! I don’t know if you humans are aware, but snow is frozen water. FROZEN WATER! We need water to survive! And if it’s all frozen, what’s going to fill up our magical bowls and keep us alive?! This is serious! I tried to explain this to Perry as he left for work, but he didn’t seem concerned at all! Of course Doree and Sam don’t care either so it looks like I’m going to have to do something about this all by myself…

Ali isn’t used to all this cold and has been talking about running away to a magical place called Neworlins where it’s warmer in the Winter and people have outside parades in February! It does snow there sometimes, but not enough to freeze all the water — apparently there is plenty of that in Neworlins too! I asked her if she would take me with her and she said yes, but I haven’t seen any suitcases or boxes, so I don’t think she’s really going anywhere… She’s stuck here just like me until Summer. Glorious, glorious Summer!

Fortunately, the construction on the house is almost done and they have already put in something called a Fire Place. It’s where you humans put your fire when you aren’t using it. Sometimes when Perry and Lisa aren’t using their fire, they’ll put it in the Fire Place and it makes the whole house really warm. I dragged my Hannah Montana pillow right in front of it so that next time there’s fire I’ll be ready!

Ugh, I have to pee again! I guess that’ll be one good thing about all the water freezing!

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