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Spring has Sprung!!!

Good morning, my lovely blogowers! I woke up super early today because I'm so excited about the fact that it's Spring! No frost on the ground when I go out to potty! No humans wearing bulky coats and hats that make them look like monsters! Birds and leaves are back! And most importantly, it's officially Wedding Season! The people--who are so talented at petting me on the head-- have come back to the orchard for the year! I really missed them and their tasty hands that clumsily drop food to the ground! We've only had one event and one wedding so far, but if those are any indication, it's going to be a really fun, yummy year!

However, Spring isn't all fun and food. As always, there's work to be done and no one supervises like Ol' Biscuit. I supervised the planting of a bunch of new baby apple trees the other day. They were so cute and small, but I'm excited to see how big and strong they will be in a few years. In the meantime, I will do my best to protect them from birds, mice, deer, and leaves blowing in from other trees. No matter how much I bark, those pesky leaves will not stay where they are! All part of being a good tree-protector, I suppose.

I'm a little bummed that it's been raining. Rain makes my feet all wet and muddy. Then they have to be wiped off with a towel, which is humiliating, painful, and possibly the worst thing to happen to anyone ever! I don't understand why a few paw prints on the carpet are such a big deal, but I get treats after so I manage. However, rain is ok because nature needs to take drinks just like I do from my magical water bowl. My magical water bowl is somehow always full though, and nature often has to wait a while for it's water. So, I'm glad it gets to hydrate for a few days. Also, rainy days mean we get to binge-watch movies! Bring on Lord of the Rings!

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