Hello blogowers! It’s your favorite blogging dog! The best howler in all the lands! The lead dog at Wea Creek Orchard! The cutest and sweetest! (It’s me, Biscuit) You guys, Construction is almost over! There are a few more things to do but the house is a house again! In-and-outs are MUCH easier, thank the magical food bowl! However, some in-and-outs are done through the garage, which is connected to the house with my arch-nemesis: Linoleum. I try to do most of my in-and-outs at the front door, but I try to follow Perry as much as possible and he prefers the garage. Other than that the house is great! My grandparents will be moving in to the other house the Construction people built next week

It Begins...

Well, Blogowers, it has begun… the dreaded Winter, complete with evil Frost. I’m going to be honest with you, I’m scared of how bad this Winter is going to get. Last year was really bad and it looks like this year is going to follow suit. I’ve been staying indoors for the most part, besides a few quick trips outside (a girl’s gotta pee), but I don’t know if I can be in denial all Winter long! Winter lasts until Summer and that’s very far away. I stuck my head out this morning when Perry and Lisa left and saw snow on the ground! I don’t know if you humans are aware, but snow is frozen water. FROZEN WATER! We need water to survive! And if it’s all frozen, what’s going to fill up our magical bo

Musings of a Happy Dog

Hey everyone! I'm Biscuit and I'm the lead dog at Wea Creek Orchard, no matter what Doree says. I'll keep you all up to date about what's really going on here at the orchard.

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