It’s here, blogowers! It’s finally Christmas! I’ve been so excited about everything that’s happened, that I haven’t blogged in a while! In my last post, I was discussing how it didn’t totally feel like the Season. Well, that feeling came all at once and it’s been going strong for several days! I never want it to end! There have been parties and trees and food and family! All of the kids were here last night for the reading of the stories and the annual Sister Sleepover. Lisa made chili and I laid under the table waiting for bits of dropped food. I got kicked a few times, but it was totally worth it. Then everyone went to bed and I slept by the fully lit tree, dreaming of all the fun we would

Web Stuff

Hi my faithful blogowers! I have some really big and exciting news! The orchard is getting a new website so that my blog will reach a lot more people and everyone will know how cute and sweet I am! Everyone! It all started when a group of Purdue students came out to the farm to do a project on our web stuff. I know, blogowers, it sounds like they were studying spiders, I thought the same thing. But actually, they gave the Kirkham’s a lot of really good ideas about how to improve our Facebook, Instagrams, Tweeter, and website. I don’t understand most of this stuff– it’s a literal miracle I learned how to type– but apparently it’s all very important and interesting. We got a new Tweeter for th

Tis The Season

Hello my dear blogowers! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the Holiday Season! I used to think that Christmas was just one day, but I have since learned that Christmas is several days–weeks even! Some people say Christmas starts the day after Thankseating, others claim it begins December 1st, others still start celebrating as early as October! No one really knows when the Holiday Season starts for sure, it is a mystery that can never be solved… Here at the farm, I’m not really sure if The Season has begun. One day there will just be one decoration, and a few days later there will be five more. Last week Ali watched “Love Actually” and Lisa watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”, but we hav


Hello my dear blogowers! I hope you are safe and warm after all the ice that came in last night. Evil Frost was here, threatening to take my paws away! Luckily, I got to spend the night in a pile of MacKenzie’s clothes that were very warm and comfy. Ali’s windshield broke so she and Chicken are out at the farm so the windshield guy can come fix it. They got here really early while I was still asleep, so I got to wake up to pets from Ali! That almost made up for Chicken being here… I am really glad that they are here today though. It gets lonely when everybody’s gone. So far, Ali has eaten breakfast, played on the computer and watched animal shows on tv. It’s been awesome! I got to eat the re

ThanksEating and Stuff

Hi blogowers! I hope you all had a good holiday full of friends, family and food! There is a lot to be thankful for in 2014 and I am glad I was able to celebrate all these things in the appropriate manner — by eating. Perry and the humans went to my other Grandparents’ house to eat with Lisa’s family. I was sad I didn’t get to be a part of things, but then they brought me leftovers and I forgot what being sad felt like. I spent Thankseating day with the dogs in my family: Sam and Doree. I may not like them very much, but I can’t escape the fact that they are mine and I am theirs. We ran around and barked at things, which is our favorite family activity. Then we all peed on the same spot and

Musings of a Happy Dog

Hey everyone! I'm Biscuit and I'm the lead dog at Wea Creek Orchard, no matter what Doree says. I'll keep you all up to date about what's really going on here at the orchard.

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