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It’s here, blogowers! It’s finally Christmas! I’ve been so excited about everything that’s happened, that I haven’t blogged in a while! In my last post, I was discussing how it didn’t totally feel like the Season. Well, that feeling came all at once and it’s been going strong for several days! I never want it to end!

There have been parties and trees and food and family! All of the kids were here last night for the reading of the stories and the annual Sister Sleepover. Lisa made chili and I laid under the table waiting for bits of dropped food. I got kicked a few times, but it was totally worth it. Then everyone went to bed and I slept by the fully lit tree, dreaming of all the fun we would have today!

And guess what?! We did have fun today! Everybody took turns opening presents from youngest to oldest. Roman with-the-tasty-hands went first, then Chicken, then me, then Mac, Ali, Kevin, Emily, Perry and Lisa. I’m not sure what their presents were because I got a flavored rawhide and took it to the front room to eat it. But I could hear them laughing so I assume everyone was happy with their haul. Then Lisa made cinninnamun rolls and Grandma and Grandpa brought over delicious circles of yum called “doh-nuts”. Perry put his fire in the fireplace and I took a full-bellied nap, which is the best kind of nap.

I hope all of you had as good of a Holiday as I did, whether you were celebrating Christmas or some other day full of laughing and naps. I hope you got to be with your families, or people or dogs you love. And if not, you’re welcome to come by the farm and be our family for the rest of the day! The more the merrier — except all the doh-nuts are mine…

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