Birthday Happenings

Hello my dear blogowers! As you may have heard, I just celebrated a birthday! I am now 11 years old, or in dog years 77. Luckily I am a hound dog and we tend to live for a while, so I’ve got a few good years left in me. My back legs often hurt and sometimes my eyes don’t see very well, but I’m mostly healthy and happy! I’m not really a “party” kind of gal — I prefer passive attentions as opposed to Doree and Sam who beg and cry to be petted all the time. (As you blogowers know, I have a system for getting pets-on-the-head from you humans that involves doing as little as possible.) So there was no birthday party for me this year, but I enjoyed myself all the same. The day started with breakfa

Bath Day

This morning has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, my dear blogowers! Please feel sorry for poor old me! It all started this morning when Lisa and Perry were eating breakfast. I was in my usual spot: under the table at Perry’s feet in case he were to drop anything. I started getting a little suspicious when Lisa kept saying my name over and over. BUT she wasn’t asking me to do anything, or talking about how cute I am! I was a little worried because their tones sounded pretty serious. Then, Lisa put on her coat and shoes and asked me my favorite question of all the questions anyone has ever asked! She asked if I wanted to “Go”!!! Blogowers, if you know me at all, you know a few things:

Happy New Year!

Hello blogowers! As you may know, the year has changed and it is now 2015. The new year crept up really quietly, so don’t worry if you weren’t aware. The only reason I knew is because Perry and Lisa yelled “Happy New Year” really loudly in the middle of the night a few days ago. I was sleeping on my new Christmas bed, but woke up long enough to get a few pets-on-the-head to celebrate. Apparently you humans have big parties before the new year, but I guess I’ve slept through all of them. Since Grandma and Grandpa live here now, we had the family over to eat lots of food and laugh at jokes that aren’t funny! The boy Roman with the tasty hands was here because Emily and Kevin went to Indianapol

Musings of a Happy Dog

Hey everyone! I'm Biscuit and I'm the lead dog at Wea Creek Orchard, no matter what Doree says. I'll keep you all up to date about what's really going on here at the orchard.

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