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Funslower! Slunfowler! Sunflower Festival!!

Everyone -- this is not a drill! The Sunflower Festival is happening in a matter of days! I'm. So. Very. Excited!

We actually have more than one sunflower this year, which is already better than last year! I don't know the exact number of sunflowers, but based on my genius math skills I'm gonna say there are at least 5 billion of them. So if a billion of you come out, you can each get 5 sunflowers! I expect no less than that for attendance.

In addition to sunflowers, there will also be people selling stuff. Like food! Specifically pizza! As a dog, I've eaten quite a bit of pizza crust in my day. You might say I'm a bit of a connoisseur. A Crustisseur. Anyway, did you know that the rest of the pizza is really good too?! I had no idea! There will be other food as well, and I sincerely hope you drop it on the ground for me! Oooo, like baked goods! We have those in the market now! Mmmmmm...

And it's not just food -- although, do you really need anything else? There will be jewelry, homemade items, and more! Including a bounce house! I'm not allowed in the bounce house because I would probably be stepped on A LOT, but the kids really seem to enjoy it! If the bounce house isn't your thing, there will also be Pixies, a Quiet Zone, music, and a movie! I hear the pixies are real -- I've never met a real pixie before and I'm nervous they won't like me. I know humans like me. I mean, how could they not?! But you never know with pixies.

The Quiet Zone is for people feeling overwhelmed by everything. I think they got the idea from Doree -- she likes to go to her bed in the laundry room when there's too much going on. I don't think the Quiet Zone at the Sunflower Festival will be in the laundry room though.

Perry won't tell me what the movie is. Apparently it's a surprise. I suggested a video of me reenacting the movie Bolt, but that got voted down. Rude. Hopefully the movie they pick will be as good.

Please come out and see me July 21st and 22nd for the Sunflower Festival! There's an entrance fee of $10 per car, so load everyone in! See you soon!


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