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We're Back!

Hello Humans Who Read the Blog! It's me, Sam! You know, the dog who lives at Wea Creek Orchard! I may look like a tiny, dirty fluffball, but I'm actually very tough, important, and smart -- that's why I have my own blog!

Perry (my boss and my human) asked me to start up the blog again after Biscuit's passing a few years ago. We all miss Biscuit a lot -- except Doree, but she only misses humans. However, the blog must go on!

I plan on using this blog to let you know what's going on at the Orchard, so that you come here and pay attention to me. In fact, that's the price of admission! I accept pets behind the ears, on the back, or a ride in your lap on the tractor wagon. You don't have to pay up front, but I will find you while you're here so I can collect! One thing though, please don't pick me up. It's beneath me. I have very important holes to dig and I can't be hanging out in your arms all day. Thank you in advance.

As you probably know, we're almost done with the market for the season. I know, I know, it's extremely sad. I hate having to spend my time inside. I can't dig holes in there. And I get yelled at when I pee on stuff -- even though It's MY stuff after I pee on it. Ugh, the off-season.

That's why I need you to come visit! Bring your small humans and their tasty, sticky hands! (If there's one thing Biscuit taught me, it's that small humans have delicious hands!) Take some pictures, or, better yet, have a picnic! Don't worry, I can get on the picnic tables all by myself, still no need to pick me up! I guess your dogs are welcome if they're on a leash and I will be snobby and cold to them. I do not care for your dogs. Nevertheless, Perry does and he wants you to be able to bring them. Whatever. Just remember the price of admission and we'll be cool.

You can also buy some of our products even after the market is closed! Another reason to stop by! We've got sweet, gooey honey, tangy cider, and a bunch of jars with different stuff in them! It's all food, I'm just not sure what all they cram in there -- so many smells!

So come and see me, alright? I'll be waiting in the middle of the driveway for you!


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