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The Teaches of Peaches

Hi blogowers! Biscuit here! My blog post today is about how many peaches we got this year. Good news, it's A LOT! In fact, it's so many peach buds we are having to thin them out so the branches don't break! The humans have been working around the clock, which is fun to watch.

I thought I would get to eat the peach buds that fell on the ground, but they are really hard and not as tasty as grown-up peaches. That was disappointing. But in a few more weeks they will be delicious and I'm sure some of you people will let me have some.

It's very strange how nature works: we didn't have ANY peaches for the past two years and now we have too many! I'm sure there's some kind of lesson there... Appreciate what you have, or God works in mysterious ways, or something. When I figure it out, I'll let you know!

I wish there was something we could do with all these buds. Sam sometimes uses them as toys and will fetch one if you throw it. They aren't as pretty as grown-up peaches, but Perry says they smell good. (As a dog, I don't agree--they don't smell anything like animal carcass.) So any of you blogowers are welcome to come out to get some for decoration!

We will also have Nectarines and all sorts of Apples this season! Pumpkins will be planted soon. The bees are busy making honey. It's going to be a good year!

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