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Pruning and Such

Hi blogowers! It's your favorite blogging dog, Biscuit! As you can tell, I'm much better at being a regular dog than a blogging dog, but I try.

February is a strange time at the farm -- it's cold, we don't have any events, and everything is leaf-less. However, that doesn't mean there isn't work to do! Our main project recently has been "pruning" the trees. Apparently you can't just let fruit trees grow fruit on their own, they need help from people so they can grow the optimal amount of fruit.

At first I was opposed to cutting off the tree's branches. It looked painful, and reminded me how much I hate it when people cut my toenails! Then Perry reminded me that if he didn't have my toenails cut, I would be in pain and couldn't walk correctly. He said it's like that for the trees -- sometimes branches (the toenail of the tree) have to be cut back so that the tree can thrive! After that I felt better, but stil insisted on supervising all pruning done in the orchard! (Also, it's fun to chew on the sticks thrown on the ground.)

In addition to pruning, we have also started clearing out the top of the red Market barn. There is straw in there from 100 years ago, or so Perry says, and it smells amazing! I must be the only one who thinks so because all the humans wear masks when they are working. Weird humans. Perry tells me that the space will be used for brides to get ready during Wedding Season once all the straw is gone! We still have a lot of work to do though. Speaking of, I better get outside or nothing will get done! What would you guys do without us dogs?!

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