From Doree the dog

In my opinion, dogged as it might be, Biscuit has had enough blog time without a rebuttal. She sees herself as "queen" of the Kirkham household and it is time I rebark! She is currently asleep on her favorite bed in front of the fireplace. I snuck in to let all of her "blogowers" know that Biscuit is not all that and a bag of treats. She isn't nearly as cute as she tells everyone she is. Now I, on the other hand, am just adorable, even if I have put on a few pounds this winter... Actually, I took a look at myself in the shiny hubcaps of our Mule ATV the other day and frankly, I look really fit and trim. When Biscuit sees a hubcap she only wishes she could change her gender. Of course Sam can

The Magic of the Internet

Hello blogowers! I hope you are all staying warm and toasty inside somewhere! I don't know how you humans survive without fur, but I guess you have coats and scarves and whatnot. As it is unbearably cold outside, I have opted to stay indoors today and occupy my time by playing on the computer. Mac and Ali do it all the time, so I figured it must be fun -- and boy was I right! You can find all sorts of things on the internets! For example, did you know there are thousands of websites that just have pictures of puppies?! I looked through a few and found that none were as cute as I am, so you can just look at pictures of me. You're welcome for doing the dirty work for you! I also found out that

Friday the 13th and V-Day!

Hello blogowers! I'm blogging pretty early this morning because this weekend has been filled with so many things, I've hardly slept! (And by that, I mean I only slept 18 hours each day as opposed to 22.) This past Friday was Friday the 13th, which is a holiday you have to celebrate carefully. Most humans don't know this, but dogs are superstitious. Have you ever noticed how dogs turn in circles before they lay down? Well, if we don't turn an odd number of times, we have bad luck for a year (the equivalent of 7 years for a human). Anyway, Friday was full of knocking on wood, throwing salt over our hocks, and staying away from any cats that crossed our paths. Then yesterday was Valentine's Day

Winter Blues

Hello blogowers, your favorite dog is back again to give you a blog! That rhymed! I’m so funny and creative! Well, my friends, as you probably know — it’s Winter. Winter is the time of year when everything is dead and freezing. Perry says that everything needs to die and freeze so that it can come back again in the Spring, but it sounds like he’s making excuses to me… I think Winter is punishment for all the bad things we did the rest of the year. (Not that I did bad things. It was Doree and Sam, I swear!) We all had too much fun over Wedding/Market season and now we’re paying for it with ice patches and frozen water bowls. My poor little back legs hurt constantly over the Winter months and

Musings of a Happy Dog

Hey everyone! I'm Biscuit and I'm the lead dog at Wea Creek Orchard, no matter what Doree says. I'll keep you all up to date about what's really going on here at the orchard.

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