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Friday the 13th and V-Day!

Hello blogowers! I'm blogging pretty early this morning because this weekend has been filled with so many things, I've hardly slept! (And by that, I mean I only slept 18 hours each day as opposed to 22.)

This past Friday was Friday the 13th, which is a holiday you have to celebrate carefully. Most humans don't know this, but dogs are superstitious. Have you ever noticed how dogs turn in circles before they lay down? Well, if we don't turn an odd number of times, we have bad luck for a year (the equivalent of 7 years for a human). Anyway, Friday was full of knocking on wood, throwing salt over our hocks, and staying away from any cats that crossed our paths.

Then yesterday was Valentine's Day!!! I think Valentine's Day is supposed to celebrate romantic love, like boyfriends and girlfriends, or boyfriends and boyfriends, or girlfriends and girlfriends (you humans confuse me). BUT I like to think of it as a day of celebration for all love! For example, I love my Christmas bed, so I got it a card and slept on it for several hours. I also love my dog siblings even if I don't care to admit it every other day of the year. Doree, Sam and I spent a few hours barking and tossing around a mole carcass we found. Ah, tasty mole carcass-- a delicacy in the dirt! However, what I love the most is Perry. He gave me his leftover mashed taters, and I sang him a beautiful old Hound Dog hymn developed by my people in the late 1800s. I know he liked it because at the end he said "Biscuit, that's enough!", which means he wanted me to save my voice for another hymn later!

I hear tomorrow is President's Day! That's the day we celebrate all of the Presidents even though most of them are dead. Kids don't have to go to school because that's what all the dead Presidents would want. I'm glad, MacKenzie gives great head rubs and can't give them to me from school!

Happy Friday-the-13th-Valentines-Presidents Weekend to you all! Give your dogs extra treats for all these important holidays!

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