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Pruning it Up!

Hello Humans! This is my first blog of the year! It's hard to believe it's 2023 -- seems like we should have flying tractors and automatic petters by now. Oh well, I can settle for wheels and hands for a few more years. This year I will turn 11, which is apparently 77 in human years according to Perry. I refuse to believe it. Perry is in his 60s and I can run much faster than him. I'm also far better at digging holes, sitting in laps, and rolling in mud. Who's 77 now?

2023 has been fairly boring thus far -- no people are at the market, no one's getting married and letting me taste-test the catering, and Perry and Lisa were gone for months (okay, okay 2 weeks.) I have been wearing my winter sweaters, but there's no one here to tell me how cute I am! It's brutal. Mostly because I'm so cute and I shouldn't keep it all to myself.

However! We're having a Pruning Party this weekend! Party is a strong word, but I want you to come, so I'm trying to make it as cool as possible. It's this Saturday, February 4th from 1pm to 3pm-ish. If you like older men in Carhartt overalls, standing outside in nearly freezing weather, and/or helping trees be healthier, please come join us! And even if you don't like any of those things, you're welcome to join us anyway! Also, I'll be there in one of my cute sweaters if that helps sway you. They're, like, really cute. See:

I imagine this picture has convinced you to come out to the farm this Saturday. I'm very excited to see you! Perry wants me to remind you that you don't need to have any prior knowledge of tree-pruning -- he will gladly teach you! He loves teaching people things! I'm a harder seed to crack however, and will not be taught by him! Everything I do and know was learned from Biscuit and Doree. Like barking and digging and perfecting the "puppy eyes" that make people give me their food.

So I'll see you this Saturday afternoon! A quick reminder that although I look small and adorable in my sweaters, I am actually a big, ferocious dog that doesn't need to be picked up! Thank you in advance!


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