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Thankful for My Favorite People!

Hello Humans Who Read the Blog! It's me, Sam! It's Thanksgiving time and I wanted to say a thank you to the people who have come out to the farm, and a no thank you to those who haven't. Ugh fine, I'll still be thankful for you, BUT I'm more thankful for the people who pet me. Those are my favorite people.

My favorite favorite person is Perry because we work together all day, then we snuggle in the chair to read the news and check Perry's email. He always has lots of emails. That part is boring but the snuggling is nice! He tells me I stink, I lick his face. Guy stuff.

Another person high on my Favorite List is Meg! She became our owner last weekend while everyone else went to Shipshewana. I don't know where Shipshewana is, but they came back with a lot of cheese. Sounds like my kind of place!

Anyway, Meg was in charge of food preparation and attention giving and she did an excellent job! 10/10! I don't like the way some weekend-owners prepare my food -- (it's a quarter cup with some of the kernels spilled on the floor in the exact spot I want it in that day; is that so hard??) and yet Meg was a pro! She's also great at not checking her email while we snuggle.

Since I'm blogging about my favorite people, I have to mention Santa. If you aren't familiar, here's a picture of Santa with his good friend, me:

I'm absolutely bragging when I say that I've known Santa for a long time now. When I was a puppy, I caught him setting out presents around the Christmas tree and we've been tight ever since! Every year, he gives me a stocking full of toys and treats -- he knows I LOVE toys and treats! Oh that Santa!

He also comes to the farm before Christmas so that we can take pictures with him and tell him what we want for Christmas! (It's toys and treats!)

Perry tells me he'll be here THIS WEEKEND! AND THE WEEKEND AFTER THAT! AND THE WEEKEND AFTER THAT SECOND WEEKEND! That's three weekends of Santa! All you have to do is come out to the farm, give me attention, and then you can see Santa!

Just a reminder -- I do not need to be picked up to be put in Santa's lap, I can jump up there just fine! See you soon!


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