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Honey, Lavender, Apple Tasting, and More!

Hello Human Readers! I've had an eventful few months -- I was attacked by two different dogs within the span of a week. Don't worry, I'm fine, just a few battle scars. Thank goodness I'm so big and tough! And neither were my fault. I swear! I'm a perfect angel! 😇

Apparently everything continued on as usual despite my injuries. Which kinda pisses me off! Perry assures me that I'm still the most important part of the farm, but he says it in a voice you use with a baby... so...

But now I'm back to work -- making sure the wagon rides run smoothly, keeping the voles in line, taste testing the honey (it's better when it's been on the floor, trust me).

Speaking of honey, have you tried the Lavender Bee Company? They take care of the bees here at the farm, then they use the honey and lavender to make fun stuff! Like lemonade! And not so fun stuff, like soap. I'd rather bathe in mud -- it's better for the skin. There's also a "Honey House" where you can watch them process the honey! I can't see inside because I'm too short, but I like it when people come by! More people = more pets for Sam!

I'm not allowed to go to the Harvest of Flavors: An Apple Tasting Experience. According to Perry, this 'isn't an event for dirty dogs who like to walk on tables.' I beg to differ, but Perry controls the doorknob and, alas, I am not equipped to open it. I hear it's this Saturday 9/23 at 6:30. If you come early, you may get to see me! So, you know, come early!

And if you don't come to the Tasting, you can still come out to the market earlier in the day! Or any day really! I'm always here! If you haven't heard, we have baked goods now! Always hand pies -- typically apple, but other flavors as well! My human "sister" MacKenzie comes up with interesting and unique desserts. Like Sopapilla Cheesecake Bites! And Gluten-Free Black Forest Cookie Cups! I don't know what gluten-free means, but I'm sure it's delicious. She and Lisa are whipping up something for this weekend, but I can't tell what it is yet! I hope it's covered in dirt!

Come see me! Love, Sam


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