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Winter Blues

Hello blogowers, your favorite dog is back again to give you a blog! That rhymed! I’m so funny and creative!

Well, my friends, as you probably know — it’s Winter. Winter is the time of year when everything is dead and freezing. Perry says that everything needs to die and freeze so that it can come back again in the Spring, but it sounds like he’s making excuses to me… I think Winter is punishment for all the bad things we did the rest of the year. (Not that I did bad things. It was Doree and Sam, I swear!) We all had too much fun over Wedding/Market season and now we’re paying for it with ice patches and frozen water bowls. My poor little back legs hurt constantly over the Winter months and no one is ever at the barn to drop food on the ground! It’s the Worst!

Also, it’s much harder to smell in the Winter. My eyesight is going downhill because I’m an old dog, so it’s important that I can smell what’s going on. But you humans insist on wearing lots of thick, weird-looking clothings and I can’t smell who you are! For example, the Schwann’s man came last night and I almost bit him because I thought he was an intruder! You should know, I love the Schwann’s man. He brings boxes of food to the house and always tells me what a good girl I am. We’re basically dating. But I couldn’t recognize his smell with all his coats and scarves on! Luckily, Lisa was also very excited to see him so I knew he must be a good visitor, not a bad one.

The only good thing about Winter is that I have an excuse to lay on my Christmas bed all day long. Literally, I don’t move. I know, I know, I should be doing my job of protecting the farm from leaves and squirrels. But Perry seems to understand, and the leaves and squirrels have not attacked us yet. Besides, Doree and Sam seem to enjoy patrolling the farm in the snow. So I just bark out orders from my bed and everything gets done.

It will be Wedding/Market season soon enough. We will not appreciate it as much as we should and be punished again next Winter, but I guess that’s the way the world works. Alright, blogowers, it’s naptime. Smell you later!

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