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From Doree the dog

In my opinion, dogged as it might be, Biscuit has had enough blog time without a rebuttal. She sees herself as "queen" of the Kirkham household and it is time I rebark!

She is currently asleep on her favorite bed in front of the fireplace. I snuck in to let all of her "blogowers" know that Biscuit is not all that and a bag of treats. She isn't nearly as cute as she tells everyone she is. Now I, on the other hand, am just adorable, even if I have put on a few pounds this winter...

Actually, I took a look at myself in the shiny hubcaps of our Mule ATV the other day and frankly, I look really fit and trim. When Biscuit sees a hubcap she only wishes she could change her gender. Of course Sam can only see as high as the tire and thinks it is a reflection of his IQ. I really should yield to Biscuit's seniority, but everyone knows what they say about old dogs.

Grandpa told me yesterday that I was cute and smart and looked sofisticated, whatever that is. Sam didn't understand that big word either, but just about everything is over his head.

On these early spring evenings Biscuit is let out on the front porch and barks just to let everyone know she is still around. Sam takes off to chase a squirrel in the fence row and I watch both in amazement. Now who has the intellectual edge?

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