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Birthday Happenings

Hello my dear blogowers! As you may have heard, I just celebrated a birthday! I am now 11 years old, or in dog years 77. Luckily I am a hound dog and we tend to live for a while, so I’ve got a few good years left in me. My back legs often hurt and sometimes my eyes don’t see very well, but I’m mostly healthy and happy!

I’m not really a “party” kind of gal — I prefer passive attentions as opposed to Doree and Sam who beg and cry to be petted all the time. (As you blogowers know, I have a system for getting pets-on-the-head from you humans that involves doing as little as possible.) So there was no birthday party for me this year, but I enjoyed myself all the same.

The day started with breakfast on the rug. I have special food that Doree, Sam and Chicken don’t get to eat. My food is called “senior” food because I’m the most important dog around here. Perry gave me a little bit extra because I gave him “puppy-dog-eyes” and he’s a sucker. Then I barked at leaves from the front door until someone opened it, and then I barked at leaves from the front porch! I don’t know who those leaves think they are, but they should know better than to blow past my house!!! After that I drank from some mud puddles even though I get yelled at for doing it. Muddy water is like muddy food — it’s delicious!

Eventually Ali came over and let me back in the house where I laid on my Christmas bed until well into the afternoon. I dreamed of Wedding/Market season when the weather is warmer and people always drop food and pet me. Ali gave me lots of pets and told me how soft and sweet and good I am, which I already knew but I let her tell me anyway. She also gave me some treats from the pantry and I didn’t have to sit or anything!

Later that night, Lisa made people food and let me eat the leftovers. She was so proud of me for licking the plate all the way clean. Can you believe humans have a machine for that?! I could clean all the dishes in half the time that loud machine does! Then Perry put his fire in the fireplace and I laid around in front of that for a while.

When it was time for everyone to go to sleep, all my humans took turns petting me and telling me they loved me. All the food and barking and treats and beds could not measure up to those few moments. The love of my humans is the best birthday present I could ask for. I hope they give it to me again for my 12th birthday!

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