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Happy New Year!

Hello blogowers! As you may know, the year has changed and it is now 2015. The new year crept up really quietly, so don’t worry if you weren’t aware. The only reason I knew is because Perry and Lisa yelled “Happy New Year” really loudly in the middle of the night a few days ago. I was sleeping on my new Christmas bed, but woke up long enough to get a few pets-on-the-head to celebrate. Apparently you humans have big parties before the new year, but I guess I’ve slept through all of them.

Since Grandma and Grandpa live here now, we had the family over to eat lots of food and laugh at jokes that aren’t funny! The boy Roman with the tasty hands was here because Emily and Kevin went to Indianapolis. Ali went with them, which meant Chicken was here too… Ugh — Chicken. Whenever I would leave my Christmas bed to eat something that dropped on the floor, Chicken would sneak onto it. I was NOT happy, but she didn’t seem very phased by my growling and snipping. Eventually Perry put her in her crate (thank the lord for crates!) and I got my Christmas bed all to myself again! I sure do love Perry.

I hear you humans make promises to yourself in the new year called New Years Resolutions. That is a very big long word for promises, but you humans just LOVE to make things complicated. From television and conversations Perry and Lisa have had, I’ve gathered that many humans promise to be healthier in the new year. Lots of diets and gym memberships and running shoes. Weird, weird humans. With each passing year, I strive to be more unhealthy and lay around as much as possible. I don’t have too many years left, so I promise to eat all the treats I can reach, and sleep on my Christmas bed for as many hours as I can. So far, I’m doing really well on keeping my New Years Resolution. I hope I can keep it up!

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