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Tis The Season

Hello my dear blogowers! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the Holiday Season! I used to think that Christmas was just one day, but I have since learned that Christmas is several days–weeks even! Some people say Christmas starts the day after Thankseating, others claim it begins December 1st, others still start celebrating as early as October! No one really knows when the Holiday Season starts for sure, it is a mystery that can never be solved…

Here at the farm, I’m not really sure if The Season has begun. One day there will just be one decoration, and a few days later there will be five more. Last week Ali watched “Love Actually” and Lisa watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”, but we haven’t seen “The Muppet Christmas Carol” yet, so I know it’s not quite Christmas Eve yet. We haven’t put up a tree or stockings or the collection of Santas I’m not allowed to lick. All of this is to say, I’m getting mixed signals and I don’t know if I need to start shopping for presents or not. Usually I’ll find a nice plump squirrel, or the tail of a possum for my wonderful family. I’m getting older and if I need to be getting them some exquisite treats, I should start hunting now.

There is a wedding coming up and a few Holiday parties in the barn. It’s a little cold, so not a lot of people are coming around these days. Every now and then a photographer will bring couples or cute little humans with tasty hands to take pictures in front of stuff. They say they don’t want us dogs in the pictures, but I think they would appreciate a few with me posing in the background. I’m very photogenic!

We Kirkhams have a lot of really fun traditions to celebrate The Season. For instance, on Christmas Eve we read a Christmas Play that Ali wrote and we all have parts. My part is to sit by Perry’s feet and look adorable. Then Lisa reads “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and “The Littlest Angel”. Ali, Mac and Emily always have a Sister Sleepover where they eat stuff, watch movies and don’t brush their teeth. The menu usually includes chocolate covered Oreos (that I can’t have on account of my being a dog), popcorn and Coke in the pretty glass bottles. They hide in Mac’s bedroom so that Santa can come!!!! After 11 Christmases I still don’t understand how Santa gets in and out of the house without my knowledge. I mean, I’m a hound dog–my sense of smell is second to no one and all I ever smell on Christmas morning are cinnamon rolls. No traces of bearded men or reindeer. And he sure is quiet! I don’t even hear the door open!

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