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Hi my faithful blogowers! I have some really big and exciting news! The orchard is getting a new website so that my blog will reach a lot more people and everyone will know how cute and sweet I am! Everyone!

It all started when a group of Purdue students came out to the farm to do a project on our web stuff. I know, blogowers, it sounds like they were studying spiders, I thought the same thing. But actually, they gave the Kirkham’s a lot of really good ideas about how to improve our Facebook, Instagrams, Tweeter, and website. I don’t understand most of this stuff– it’s a literal miracle I learned how to type– but apparently it’s all very important and interesting.

We got a new Tweeter for the farm (@weacreekorchard) so you can read all about what I’m up to in short little sentences! We’re going to be better about updating our Instagrams (again @weacreekorchard) so you can see a lot more pictures of how cute I am. And like I said earlier, we will have a new website that will look great and really showcase my blog. So get ready for some changes in our web stuff, and feel free to come see us anytime @weacreekorchard!

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