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Hello my dear blogowers! I hope you are safe and warm after all the ice that came in last night. Evil Frost was here, threatening to take my paws away! Luckily, I got to spend the night in a pile of MacKenzie’s clothes that were very warm and comfy.

Ali’s windshield broke so she and Chicken are out at the farm so the windshield guy can come fix it. They got here really early while I was still asleep, so I got to wake up to pets from Ali! That almost made up for Chicken being here… I am really glad that they are here today though. It gets lonely when everybody’s gone.

So far, Ali has eaten breakfast, played on the computer and watched animal shows on tv. It’s been awesome! I got to eat the remains of her biscuit (biscuits for Biscuit!) and bark at the big cats that run really fast on the television! I think they are called Lyins because they pretend to be all sweet and cute, but they are lying and are actually very scary and deadly. I saw them take down a stripe-y horse with their giant paws and teeth! I wasn’t scared though–not tough old Biscuit!

Knowing Ali, we will probably do a lot of sleeping on comfortable things and watching tv, which are two of my favorite activities! I’ve been dropping hints about putting fire in the fireplace, but she hasn’t quite caught on yet. I’ve got my Hannah Montana pillow ready for when she does. Chicken is in front of it right now, but I have no problem snapping at her to tell her to move. As much as I don’t like her, she usually does what I tell her to, unlike Sam and Doree. I have also been dropping hints about watching Lord of the Rings– I love LotR! They are great movies for lazy days like today.

It’s shaping up to be a really great Wednesday! I hope you all are having good Wednesdays, too! Only a few more days until the weekend when you can spend all day with your pets!

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