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ThanksEating and Stuff

Hi blogowers! I hope you all had a good holiday full of friends, family and food! There is a lot to be thankful for in 2014 and I am glad I was able to celebrate all these things in the appropriate manner — by eating. Perry and the humans went to my other Grandparents’ house to eat with Lisa’s family. I was sad I didn’t get to be a part of things, but then they brought me leftovers and I forgot what being sad felt like.

I spent Thankseating day with the dogs in my family: Sam and Doree. I may not like them very much, but I can’t escape the fact that they are mine and I am theirs. We ran around and barked at things, which is our favorite family activity. Then we all peed on the same spot and took a nap. I suppose our day wasn’t all that different from what you humans do on Thankseating, at least from my viewpoint. After our nap, Doree, Sam and I each took turns saying what we were thankful for. Doree said she was most thankful for belly rubs because they feel good and it’s nice to be touched by the humans she loves. Sam said he was the most thankful for having a job to do everyday (he thinks that he runs the farm, but we don’t tell him that he doesn’t).

I said that I was the most thankful that I get to spend my entire life with a family who loves and cares about me. I was about four months old when Lisa, Ali and Mac picked me to take home out of a group of other puppies. They could’ve picked any of the others, but they chose me. For the next 10 and a half years, they fed me and gave me comfortable things to sleep on. Many dogs have the same story as me, but there are many more dogs who had to spend time in kennels or shelters without any family at all. I know that the kennels and shelters themselves are not evil, nor are the kind people who work in them. But it must be so sad to spend days like Thankseating without a true family — no one to bring you leftovers after a long day of barking and napping, no one to give you a Hannah Montana pillow to sleep on, no one to tell you what a good dog you are! I am very lucky and thankful to have experienced these things year after year.

Blogowers, I hope you had many things to be thankful for this Thankseating and every day of the year! And if you feel like you might need more to be thankful for, go adopt a shelter dog! They will be thankful for you!!!

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