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Hello blogowers! It’s your favorite blogging dog! The best howler in all the lands! The lead dog at Wea Creek Orchard! The cutest and sweetest! (It’s me, Biscuit)


You guys, Construction is almost over! There are a few more things to do but the house is a house again! In-and-outs are MUCH easier, thank the magical food bowl! However, some in-and-outs are done through the garage, which is connected to the house with my arch-nemesis: Linoleum. I try to do most of my in-and-outs at the front door, but I try to follow Perry as much as possible and he prefers the garage. Other than that the house is great!

My grandparents will be moving in to the other house the Construction people built next week! I’m so excited that I have helicopter tail! I love my Grandparents and I’m glad there will be more people around during the day to pet me and tell me how cute I am (which is very, btw). However, I have heard my Grandpa say that he likes Doree the best, but I must have heard him wrong because that CAN’T be true. My Grandma is always making food and she has no problem with giving me some! You guys know how I feel about food! (I love it)

They are also excited to move in, but they are sad to leave their current house behind. They lived there for many human years and made a lot of memories there and in the barn and land around it. Perry and Uncle Tim and Aunt Kay grew up on that farm. They used to have cattle and corn and other stuff that’s fun! Apparently they had other farm dogs before me, but Perry says I’m the best one ever. I swear, he’s actually said that before! You can ask him! Anyway, I feel bad that my Grandparents are moving away from their home, but I know it will be much better for the family to be together. Luckily memories live in your brain, not in a house, so they can bring all of those with them!

It’s very appropriate that this week is also Thanksgiving! I’m thankful that more people I love will be close to me every day! I’m also thankful for my Hannah Montana pillow.

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