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Good Excuse

Hello blogowers! I just want to say how sorry I am about not giving you a new blog post to read in so long! I'm also sorry that the last one was from Doree, that blog-stealing mutt. BUT I have a really, really, really good excuse for why I haven't had time to write a clever new blog for you all! You'll totally understand when you hear the story:

So you humans have something called "Spring Break" which entails leaving the farm for long periods of time without Perry or poor old Biscuit. Lisa and Mac went to visit my grandparents in Florida. Florida is a strange place with giant mice and roller coasters. It's also where Hogwarts is. Lisa has been sending Perry pictures and he shows me because I don't want to be left out. Ali also left on "Spring Break" with her energetic little puppy, Chicken. They went to a bunch of different places in her car, which sounds like the ideal vacation to me! I love car rides!

Anyway, with everyone on vacation, there was no one but me to take care of Perry -- and let me tell you, he is A LOT of work! He has to eat three times every day! It's a good thing that man has a microwave, or else he would've starved to death, and I wouldn't have had any leftovers. He also needs a lot of attention, so I had to sit by his feet and listen to how his day was and how good I am every evening before bed. I couldn't sleep in my usual spot on my Christmas bed because I had to protect Perry at night. He's so niave, he doesn't realize how dangerous leaves and squirrels are. So, I slept in front of the door in case anyone tried to get him. He insists on working outside a good amount of the time, so of course I had to supervise all of that. We put in new stones on the driveway and re-grassed the hill, so all that gross mud is gone!!! It was hard work, but we managed!

Well, there you go, blogowers! I just haven't had the time to blog with all the Perry-sitting I've had to do. Don't worry, Ali is back now to help me. I think we may have lost Lisa and Mac to the warmth and fun of the south...

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