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Wedding Season is Coming...

Hello blogowers! I've missed you, did you miss me? Of course you did!

The past few weeks have been filled with a lot of things, but mostly work. We have worked in the morning, and after dinner, and even on the weekends (especially on the weekends)! Ali had one of her friends over to help clear out the branches my human cousin Jesse pruned from the orchard. I supervised from atop the wagon -- it's probably the most important job here at the farm. Another of my human cousins, Lacy, came to visit and immediately got put to work clearing out bricks from a big dirt pile. I also supervised that from atop the dirt pile -- nothing would get done here without ol' Biscuit! The guys did a lot of tractor things, which I did not supervise because they're loud and scary. I put Perry in charge in my stead, so I assume everything worked out okay.

The reason we have been doing all of this work is because Wedding Season is finally here! It's really really here! All of my dreams and wishes are finally coming true this weekend!!!! The smells, the sights, the food dropped on the ground! This Saturday, it all begins again! Wedding Season is great for me, yes, but I hear it's also very important to the bride and groom as well. Apparently a human's wedding day is one of the best days of their lives, and these humans are choosing to spend it at our farm! How cool is that? If I weren't a dog, and knew any other dogs besides Sam, I would want to get married here, too. There's grass, trees, birds to chase and bark at, magical food and water bowls -- I doubt there is much else you would need for a wedding!

Well, blogowers, there is still more work to be done, and I'm certain it won't happen if I'm not supervising... I wonder what I will sit atop today...

PS: a picture of me!

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