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Today is basically Saturday

Good morning, blogowers! I hope you had a good Earth Day! I'm not exactly sure what an Earth Day is, but I saw it on Facebook, so it must be important! As a dog, my knowledge of subjects other than food-getting and begging, barking and guarding my people, and nap-taking is very limited. I know that Earth is our planet, primarily because Ali LOVES the mini-series "Planet Earth". There are lots of different animals besides dogs and humans, and lots of different trees besides apple and peach trees. Who knew!?

Anyway, Perry told me that it is Thursday morning, which is basically Saturday. Us dogs do not really experience time the same way as you people do. There is "breakfast time" and "dinner time", "nap time" and "night sleep". I know that these things happen at certain points in a day, but I can't tell time. And I still have no idea what an eight oclock is! Perry yells about eight oclocks, and then looks at his watch, almost every morning! You humans are so strange...

As I was saying, my dog brain has already concluded that today is pretty much Wedding Day! We are afraid it might rain, but I've been barking at the sky a lot so that the rain will be scared away. I've been using my scariest bark! Wedding days -- even with a little rain -- are the greatest times that I can remember experiencing. Even better than "breakfast time" and "night sleep" put together! I'm so lucky that I get to live and patrol a wedding venue! Speaking of, I have work to do! It's basically Saturday after all!

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