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First Birthdays

Good morning, blogowers! I hope you all had good weekends and the weddings at your house went well! Oh, not everyone has weddings at their house every weekend? It's hard to keep track of what you humans do and do not do.

So, as you have probably deduced, we had a wedding this weekend! It was lots of fun -- they even had their dogs be part of the ceremony! One was the ring-bearer and one was the flower girl. They did a fantastic job! I don't know why every wedding doesn't have dogs in it!

The wedding was beautiful and wonderful, but the real fun for ol' Biscuit was on Sunday. My second cousin (I think...) turned one year old on Saturday and had his First Birthday Party at the farm on Sunday. Apparently, Birthday Parties are a big deal and since this was his first one ever, it had to set the stage for the rest of them. In my opinion, it was one of the best parties I've ever been to! There were hot dogs and hamburgers and a big bucket of ice for us dogs to drink out of -- it had drinks in it, too, so it was a little difficult to get to the melted water, but we managed! Everything was shiny and smelled delicious! There were lots of little kids with very tasty hands, and most of them were happy to let me lick their fingers for them! In fact, everyone was in such a good mood, a person gave me an entire hot dog! Jackpot!

I hung out under the tables for a while, hoping to guilt someone into an additional hot dog. My birthday cousin had his own mini-cake that he got to eat all by himself, and everyone at the party was enthralled. I guess it was the first time he had ever eaten cake because he got it EVERYWHERE! People thought it was so funny that they weren't paying attention to their plates... Double Jackpot!

Unfortunately, I was not the only dog in attendance. Ali's dog Chicken was there, along with Sam and my cousins' dog Sierra. She's a pit bull so everyone thinks she's mean, but really Sam could've taken her. I had to snap at her a few times when she came near my "begging spot" and she cowered away in respect of my authority! Doree wasn't invited because she's mean around food -- more for me!

All in all it was a really great weekend! I hope you got to enjoy weddings and First Birthdays as well!

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