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May Flowers bring June Thunder

Oh, my dear sweet blogowers -- how I've missed you! I think about you often, but it seems I never have time to write! Sometimes life gets a little crazy, and then when you have down time, all you want to do is sleep on your Christmas bed in MacKenzie's room. We've all been there. I've been there for the past month or so.

Lots of things have happened since we last spoke, my blogowers. For instance, it became June. This Winter I thought June would never come -- and here it is, in all its thunder storm-y glory! Personally (or should I say dogally?), I don't mind thunder storms. I can't really hear what's going on anyway, and its a great excuse to stay inside in the air conditioning. You humans have done a lot of things for us dogs since domestication, but air conditioning has got to be the best! Cold wind blowing out of the floor -- genius!

Anyway, when it storms (and it has been storming A LOT) Doree fffrrrreeeeaaaaaakkkkkksssssss out. I'm talking whining, drooling, panting -- the whole enchilada (mmmm enchiladas...). The best thing to do in this situation is ignore her. If we give her a lot of attention or try to console her, it only makes her hysteria worse! So, Doree has been basically living in the laundry room under a table. I felt bad for her for a little while, and then I saw the massive pile of blankets Lisa gave her to sleep on. Now I'm just upset that I'm so very brave and stoic.

We've had a few pretty days, but Perry says the storms will be back tomorrow. Everyone stay dry and near your favorite air vent!

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