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Biscuit Returns

Hello, my wonderfully patient blogowers! I'm sure it was awful not hearing from me for the past few months. Some of you came to see me during the market season, which I greatly appreciated. For those of you who didn't, you have some sucking up to do! I like pets-on-the-head and most kinds of human food...

So, you're probably all on the edge of your seats wondering what I've been up to. Well, the answer is: everything. My dear blogowers, I have done every single thing you could image since I last blogged. Busy, busy Biscuit.

I have eaten from the magical food bowl on many occasions, though not as many as I would like. Perry has started giving me something called fish oils, and it is delicious! Fish oils comes in little capsules of heaven. You have to break it open with your teeth, which is kinda fun. Then, an awful smelling liquid comes out -- it's amazing! And since I've started fish oils, my legs don't hurt as much! I never thought I'd say this, but I really enjoy wrestling with Ali's dog Chicken these days. Sometimes she wins, but mostly I destroy her with my wisdom and girth. Sometimes girth serves you well. Write that down.

On account of the fish oils, I've been able to run around the orchard a little bit more. I run, then I bark a little bit, then I run more. I have a good system worked out. It's a good thing, too, because there have been A LOT of birds around. When will the birds learn that this is my territory?! It's a never-ending battle.

I've also been to the groomer a few times. One time I went at the same time as Sam, and he taught me how to not be so scared. He gets groomed more than I do because of his poodle-ness, so he actually enjoys it. Apparently, if you're sweet to the groomer they give you extra treats. You might want to write that down, too.

I got a new bed. Mostly because Chicken steals my old one sometimes. But also mostly because my family loves me. Just the other day Perry told me I was a good dog. And that's everything I've been up to.

There's not more to life than eating, running, barking, baths, and love is there?

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